I’ve failed so many times…that is why I succeed

Over the years, I have failed at life. I have failed at relationships, I have failed in my career, I have failed at getting fit and losing weight. I have even failed at being a parent at times. It’s hard to believe I know (lol) but I don’t always have my shit together and live a carefree life. Far from it.

Now here’s the thing… no matter how many times you fail, how many times you fall down, how many times someone lets you down, disappoints you or doesn’t follow through, you learn, reassess, get back up and keep frigging going.

I truly believe you haven’t failed if you’ve learned something and grown inside. There is no such thing as a mistake, just wisdom and discovery. 

You’ve only failed if you stop. You’re only unsuccessful if you give up. You only fall short if you cease to push.

The only reason I have succeeded is because I have failed. The lessons I’ve learned have spurred me to greater things and it is this failure that puts me in a unique position to teach others to succeed.

Embrace mistakes, learn from failure, kick your own butt and keep your eye on your goals.

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