Are you hiding?

When I’m not ‘feeling it’ with my training and nutrition, I know something else is going on with me. I’m aware that I’m not always going to feel motivated and I am pretty good at taking the emotion out of it and doing what needs to be done to get to where I want to be. However I sometimes feel out of alignment and, well, a bit frigging stuck!

If it’s not immediately obvious to me what’s going on, I know that I am ‘hiding’. Hiding my fear, my self doubt, my limiting beliefs and my anxiety. They are always there, that’s a given, but it’s when I start to hide from myself and lie to myself that the wheels start to fall off a bit.

We are human, we are not perfect and we are not always going to ‘feel it’ when it comes to doing life well. We all have a tendency to retreat into ourselves when life gives us lemons.

When I tune in to what’s really going on with me, I give myself permission to acknowledge and examine my own fears. That it’s safe for me to do so, there is no judgement and I can come out of hiding and face my fear and ‘stories’ I tell myself.

When I don’t buy into my own bullshit but give myself space to acknowledge and accept it, I can move past the stuck place fairly quickly and get back to showing up and doing the work.

If you need some help getting past your limiting beliefs, I would love to coach you. Check out my coaching packages and dont waste another day hiding!

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