Goodbye 12WBT and new pics

After 3 rounds of Michelle Bridges’ 12WBT I’m now really going it alone. Well not quite (see previous post) as I will have the support of a great coach and trainer.

For the most part I enjoyed Michelle’s program and especially the mindset lessons. For those I will be eternally grateful as it was the key thing that put me on the road to fitness (and kept me there). Also goal setting was a very important lesson to learn, something I was not very good at before. Now, I can’t imagine NOT having goals in my life to aim for – I would feel like a rudderless ship in a stormy ocean without them.

A major criticism of the 12WBT (now that I am more educated about nutrition and bodybuilding in general) would be the extremely low calorie nutrition plan she proposes – 1200 calories per day. It doesn’t take into account an individual’s needs, that we are different heights, sizes etc. Because I am small I coped okay on 1200 cals but someone taller and larger than me would struggle. There is also no adjustment for calories for those doing Advanced Lean & Strong (which I did last round) – just blanket advice  “eat protein at every meal” but basically the same meal plans as everyone else!  I am aware that many fitness models are eating 2000 (clean) calories a day and if I hadn’t twigged onto this a couple of months ago, I think my results could have really been compromised. Its just not possible to build awesome muscle on so few calories.  I am probably eating around 1600 calories a day now (sometimes a bit more) and I have not got bigger. In fact I’m leaner although the scales say I put on half a kilo in the last 2 weeks (I’ve also learned to not worry about the scales!)

I have cleaned up my nutrition even more. I am now eating carbs no more than twice a day – breakfast (oats etc) and after my workout in the evening (with a protein shake). The rest of the time its nuts, lean meat, loads of veggies, fruit and small amount of dairy (Greek yoghurt mainly). I’m sure that has helped me drop lots of centimetres in the last month alone. Sugar is still a struggle and chocolate creeps in a couple of times a week. I think I need to get organised and make choc protein balls so at least I’m satisfying my sweet tooth with something healthier than lollies or chocolate.

Anyway below are my latest pics after 9 months of hard work (click on each pic to bring up a larger version). I have basically been the same weight for the past three months (57kgs) but my measurements have continually dropped. So muscle gain and fat loss = happy Dee!

Dee 2013

And some more that really show the beginning of ab definition:

Dee abs

Dee abs2

Dee Abs3

On Wednesday I receive my first butt kicking from my coach. Bring it on I say.

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  1. April 17, 2013

    Amazing transformation! Keep going 🙂

  2. January 21, 2014

    What a change! Fantastic job, you look awesome! 🙂

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